Ho, land of Innovation!Can innovation happen without money and in less than a week?This is the question that Kennisland asked itself. Kennisland is a think-tank, and as they prefer to call themselves: a do-tank. One of their first major activities back in the 90s was to campaign to give access to the internet for all layers of Dutch society... and the result is that Holland is now of the Europe's top 3 countries for internet access!

Kennisland keeps on taking new challenges like the Kafka Brigade that helps reduce bureaucracy and red tape, and host the HQ of Creative Commons in the Netherlands, promoting an alternative to copyright laws created when people were actually MAKING copies of books, manually... and that make no sense in a world where everything can be copied with a single click.

Seeducation takes part in the Social Innovation SafariSeeducation co-founder Noam has been invited to take part in Kennisland's 10 year anniversary project by the fabulous Kwela, who has made this Social Innovation Safari possible. (photo, from left to right: Chris, Director of Kennisland - Kwela, Social Innovator - Corline, Coordinator of the Digital Pioneers)

30 social innovators arrive in Amsterdam on Sunday evening from all over Europe, and on Monday we are presented with 5 social challenges including:

• Ijburg, one of the residential island build from scratch by the Dutch is becoming a "ghost town". How to give life to a completely artificial island? 

• MIX Academy, a prestigious private art school presenting a completely different approach to teaching art struggles to find its place. How to both be a top level art school, while being accessible to all to join?

• Bureau Jeugdzorg, the "Amsterdam YouthCare Office" is the official institution taking care of all relation with youth in cases of juvenal delinquency, but also from families with multiple problems (combination of debt, unemployment, large families, migrant community and drugs). This office is missing €8,000,000 this year to take care of 200,000 children under the "safety norms" in Holland. They are understaffed, overworked and undertrained. They have bad PR, thus difficult to call for help... what can we do to help them get out of this vicious circle? (Noam, Seeducation co-founder, took part in this challenge)

On Tuesday, we divide ourselves and chose our teams... and of we go: we have carte blanche and 48 hours to complete our research, redefine the challenge, test our ideas, prototype solutions and bring back tangible results. 

On Friday we are presenting the result of our work to a large audience including stakeholder of each organisation. They welcome our work with great enthusiasm, and you can find for yourselves the full presentations on YouTube thanks to Pete!

Who takes part in this camp?A lot of fabulous people took part in this Social Innovation Safari, and we couldn't do justice by mentioning them all... you can find the full list of participants with their amazing profiles on theKennisland website here.

Thieu Besselink, an inspiration for Education!

"I wrote my PhD with Richard Sennett, who taught me that it does not matter if your project does not fit in the system, that if you follow what really matters to you there is always a way around. Coming from different disciplines and being born with the desire to not only study the world, but also having a hand in changing it for the better, I tried to find ways of connecting the process of creation to the process of learning. This became 'The River Institute', of which 'The Learning Lab' is an offspring. Because what I found was that the most significant things to learn are those you learn when you are creating. Entrepreneurship - taking risk and responsibility to upgrade reality with a materializing dream - became my vehicle for research, and so my study became a means for change."

Christina Jordan 

"In 2001 she became the first Ashoka fellow in the east African region for her work athttp://lifeinafrica.com that included socio-economic empowerment initiatives for war-affected families from Northern Uganda. She currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, where she has recently founded Evolutionize It, a social enterprise dedicated to facilitating collaboration in the social change sector worldwide. Evolutionize It studies the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs around the world in working together and helps co-create systems that can make meaningful, viable collaboration among more players in the social change space happen."

Christina talking about Social Entrepreneurship 

What's next?As you know, our 1 year Dream 2 Reality programme is near ready... all we need is to start getting the work done, and pulling on all the strings we have. We need to active our network now, and aim for a Dream 2 Reality weekend... to take this course from the vision we all have to an actual course running in 2011. 

Keep an eye out for this one... many of the most amazing people who care about education will be there!

Thanks to Kennisland for this brilliant week of inspiration. We look forward to cooperating in the near future.



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