Seminar with BBC’s The Apprentice star Melody Hossaini 

InspirEngage Seminar with BBC’s The Apprentice star Melody HossainiLast Saturday, Seeducation’s Noam Kostucki was delighted to co-deliverInsirEnagage’s Skills Development Seminar alongside the very talented Director and Founder, Melody Hossaini. Although the talents in the room ranged from budding actors to young entrepreneurs, everyone was there to improve their future prospects, topick up valuable life skills and to be inspired.

InspirEngage was founded in 2009, it is a social enterprise with the aim of improving the lives of children and young people worldwide. They do this largely through tailored Consultancy Services, Public Speaking and Skills Development Training in order to develop the abilities of today’s young leader’s. InspirEngage’s objective does also complement our values at Seeducation of entrepreneurship, innovation, social investment and role models.

Melody was a tremendous role model, sharing her passion for social enterprise and her business (which some on the show didn’t quite get!). She also led a particularly stimulating workshop on ‘How to Change the World’ which really enthused the young leader’s in the room. Noam also shared his experiences and led a life-mapping session, an important message that he left with the participant’s was that ‘if your vision doesn’t scare you, it’s not challenging enough!’

Highlight’s of the day included participants sharing their own motivational quotes and the project management workshop whichmost found very helpful with in regards to their own developments and future plans.

Participants were also treated to The Apprentice Q&A panel which also included the latest season’s Glen WardFelicity Jackson andRaphael 'Raef’ Bjayou from series four. Questions were mainly based on individuals’ personal hurdles on their journey and the panel were able to offer them valuable advice. But once the important stuff was out of the way, participants were keen to dig out the behind-the-scene’s gossip from the show.

Young people can often feel unheard, detached from their communities and lack faith in their own future’s which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the unrest with the recent UK riots. It’s so important to support young peoples’ aspirations and to show them the practical steps they need to take towards achieving their vision, which was exactly what the seminar was about. The day proved that there is huge talent and potential in today’s youth that’s well worth investing in and we should all continue to do so.

Written by Roselyn Xavier



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