We are thrilled that Richard Cullen took half a day of his time to give a talk at Seeducation. 

Richard is a veteran leader in the payment systems industry with over 30 years experience in the sales, marketing and product development of payment cards and products. Throughout his career, he held a wide variety of senior management positions with VISA International and VISA Europe in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Istanbul and London. Last year, Richard founded Payment Services Development Limited through which he undertakes consultancy with a range of organisations across Europe.

In this talk, Richard shares his life story: when he graduated from high school with no other qualifications that an 0-level in metal work, teachers told his parents he ought to work in a factory. Despite these low expectations, Richard lead an incredibly successful career in business. 

With a lot of humour and honesty, Richard gives us a snapshot of what his path looked like. We feel extremely grateful to get a chance to hear such a story because it is not often we get the opportunity to hear someone's life from beginning to school to retirement. 



10/10/2012 10:15am

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