When I was in New York, I had the privilege to interview Marissa Feinberg who is at the heart of green businesses and social enterprises. Marissa co-founded Green Spaces, a co-working spaces for social and green businesses in New York and in Colorado, and Green Leaders Global, a network of 1,000+ experts who are dedicated to run green and social businesses. 

In this impromptu interview, Marissa tells us about how she got started in the social enterprise world and on how Green Spaces has become a financially viable social business. 

Thanks to her work at Green Spaces and Green Leaders Global, Marissa has had the chance to meet and follow the progress of hundreds of social entrepreneurs. She shares with us her invaluable insight on how to make a green or social business work... watch the interview to discover how to make it work! 


Marissa has a life-long work history dedicated to the betterment of society and culture. Currently, she is co-founder of Green Spaces and owner of Green Spaces New York. She also serves as Director of Green Leaders Global, a networking group for sustainability executives.

Previously, Marissa worked for Felissimo Universal Corporation of America doing Partnership Development for DESIGN 21. Marissa also worked for the GE Foundation and GE Aircraft Engines, and has launched successful startups: New York City’s first Green Business Competition, Japan Brand and JapanC. Marissa has degrees in PR and marketing from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Marissa worked in publishing as Managing Editor of Focus Magazine , and an editor for Random House and The Princeton Review. Marissa serves on the Advisory Board of Zoological Lighting Insitute and the NYU Social Entrepreneurship Conference’s. During her free time, she performs as an actress and commercial talent.



22/09/2012 11:46am

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23/10/2012 11:42am

It is such a privilege to listen her interview. Successful career calls a celebration!

30/04/2013 12:34pm

The interview that you made on the hidden heroes are very interesting. There will be a real hero behind every incident. How big or small the incident is. These heroes are not ready to reveal themselves. Thank you for the interviews you made and shared.


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