Meeting social entrepreneurs in New York this summer has left me enthused and energized. Shayne McQuade is the perfect example of a passionate, experienced, established and with inspiring social entrepreneur; I am glad to have had the chance to interview him for the Hidden Heroes series. 

Shayne is the founder of a Voltaic System, a social enterprise that produces bags with solar panels; maybe the first ones that actually work effectively... I can't wait to order mine and test it myself! 

With a background in management consultancy, and coming from Australia, Shayne brings a different perspective to social entrepreneurship. I am particularly interested in Shayne's recipe for success because I share his belief that if you make a half-baked product, people may buy into the philosophy, but you won't grow a sustainable business because they won't buy back, nor recommend you to their friends. On the flip side, if you create products that work well and that people are really happy about, they'll do your marketing and make your social enterprise grow through word of mouths. 

Shayne also has exciting plans for the future: bags with solar panels are only a start, next, he wants to explore how to help people in the developing world produce their own electricity to get out of poverty. 

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Shayne is the founder of sustainable products company Voltaic Systems and is the inventor and designer of Voltaic's line of solar bags which were premiered on Treehugger. This is Shayne's first effort in the development of sustainable products, following a decision to focus on ventures with a positive environmental impact. He has a 10 year history as an entrepreneur having been involved with multiple technology startup companies either as Founder, CEO, or negotiating the sale. Prior to that Shayne was a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in New York and with KPMG in Australia, the UK and Taiwan. He has and MBA from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelor of Business from Edith Cowan University in Australia.


29/04/2013 11:46am

Really nice interview and the questions are relevant to the present situation! Some business man likes to give interview and share their thoughts and ideas to others. This will help others to acquire more knowledge. Eagerly waiting for the next!


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