When I (Noam Kostucki) gave my TEDx Talk in Warwick about "making money from doing good", a guy came to talk to me with so much positive energy, enthusiasm and willingness to help that it was impossible to ignore him.

This university graduate is Anton Chernikov. Since that first meeting, Anton delivered training at a Seeducation's Community Skills Share event, he's helped with designing infographics for Seeducation and it has been a pleasure to help him on his journey because he lives and breathes social entrepreneurship.

Anton has recently given a TEDx Talk for Youth that summarises his learning through the sentence "give before you take", and we are proud to present it here on the Seeducation blog.


Anton Chernikov graduated with a degree in architecture in 2010. But he had a problem... he didn't want to be an architect.

In just two short years Anton has life hacked his way into a dream career. He is now the founder of two businesses.

Anton is a Founding Partner at GoodPeople, a social enterprise that is redefining how good people connect with each other. 
Signup and join the movement www.goodpeople.co.uk.

He is also the founder of Open Studio, a digital communications agency that helps startups and small businesses with their branding and digital strategy.www.openstudio.so.

Anton's passion is using design, technology and enterprise to make good things happen. He posts his thoughts and ideas on www.antonsblog.com.


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