I want to write few words about how mentoring and coaching affected me: three years ago I was 18, I had just joined AIESEC in Warsaw (Poland) as a new member and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Today, I'm the President of an organisation in Vietnam that is strong of 600 people spread over 7 branches throughout the country. Last year, through AIESEC Vietnam, we changed the lives of 550 recent graduated by placing them in international jobs: we send Vietnamese students for  jobs abroad and bring in international graduates to work in Vietnam.

My name is Paweł Górski, I am 23 year old. Recently I have been elected as a president of the Vietnamese branch of a global social enterprise aiming to develop leadership among youth – AIESEC.

I've met Noam in February 2010 when he came to Warsaw to give coaching to the team I had joined: the Executive Board of AIESEC of the local branch at University of Warsaw. Then, I realised that there was a lot of things in common about a way of thinking we both had. This realisation made me comfortable to ask Noam for a guidance on my way to create my life goals and to achieve them. Our relation was developing gradually. First it was based on casual conversations - couple of times I shared with him my ideas on how I would like my life to look like and in return I was always receiving practical and to-the-point ideas on how I could develop skills relevant for my further career and how to increase my chances to reach my dreams.

As a result of my pursue for learning and self-development in my role that time, I was awarded by PwC as the best Vice President responsible for Talent Management from the 18 executive boards of local branches in Poland. The more I was seeing the value of Noam's inputs, the more confident I was to share with him more about my ambitions and concerns and ask for more mentoring support. When in December 2010 I decided to run for the position of a president of AIESEC at University of Warsaw, I received a great help from Noam about putting my thoughts and ideas into a structure and to create a clear vision for my organisation and my future role. That time I understood the importance of having a vision and clear goals as a leader of a big organisation. I was motivated to learn from the challenging experience of leading a 100-volounteers' organisation and I was never discouraged by failures resulted from my mistakes. I have always kept in mind Noam's words: we truly learn when we fail and we have to fail many times to succeed in the end. These words are with me in every moment of my life.

In spring 2012 I decided to reach for another opportunity within AIESEC and I became National Vice President of AIESEC in Vietnam. Being determined to learn from this experience as much as possible, I asked Noam for a coaching on a monthly basis. Since that time I greatly developed as a coach which was my main objective when I asked for this monthly coaching. Becoming more and more professional in a role of vice president responsible for Organisational Development thanks to Noam's coaching, I have managed to gain a very good reputation among Vietnamese members of the organisation within the first 6 months of my work.

Careful planning of my actions during one of the coaching sessions helped me to use the reputation and my ideas for the development of the organisation in the next years to gain full trust of AIESEC in Vietnam: despite all odds I won the election to become the president for of AIESEC in Vietnam, which is going to be another exciting journey towards my leadership development.

Looking back at the past 3 years of my career, I can see how much value a good mentor or a coach can bring to the leadership and business experience of an individual. I am confident to say that I owe a great deal of my success to my mentor’s guidance. Noam really helped me to take the best out of the opportunities that I found for myself. His guidance connected with my courage to constantly push my limits and my eagerness to learn from every situation helped me to achieve much more than great majority of people of my age. His constant support makes me feel very optimistic about my further growth. His own example as well as examples of people I met within and outside of AIESEC made realise that being a social entrepreneur is what I really want from my future. I am passionate about developing leadership in myself as well as to serve others to develop their potential so I am aiming to build my own organisation around this topic in the future.

I believe that my example shows clearly how valuable it can be to have a support of a coach or a mentor. It is even more empowering and inspiring if that person connects with one's own values and beliefs the way Noam's values connects with mine. I wish you all found a person like that.
You can find out more about Pawel Gorski's by reading his blog - https://daretoinspire.me/


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