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Passionate Volunteers, Seasoned Coders, Leaders

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Founder, CEO

Shriya Nedumaran

Shriya Nedumaran is a determined individual with a mission to change the world. She actively engages in philanthropy, advocacy, and community work to make a positive impact. Through her leadership and collaborative approach, she inspires others to join her in creating a more equitable and compassionate society. 

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CTO, Social Media Manager

Lasya Nukala

Lasya Nukala is a devoted young woman dedicated to science and helping others. Through research and community involvement, she aims to inspire and uplift those around her, blending scientific brilliance with a compassionate heart. Lasya is dedicated to using her knowledge and skills to create a sustainable and equitable future.

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Saanvi Srivastava


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CTO, Outreach Director

Katrina Ravichandran

Katrina Ravichandran is a passionate coder and student driven with a desire to create positive change. With a strong focus on coding and an unwavering commitment to making a difference, she utilizes her skills to address social issues and empower underrepresented communities. Katrina believes in the power of technology to shape the future.



Anya Li

Anya is an advocate for STEM, with accomplishments as a math team member, app designer, and award-winning Science Olympiad competitor.  Anya's passion for inclusivity shines through her role as an artistic swimmer and experienced coach for children with disabilities. Her dedication to both technology and equity makes her a true inspiration for aspiring minds.


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Brandon Liao


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Dhruv Singh

Dhruv Singh is a strong programmer who wishes to pursue a career in the computer science industry, as well as bridge the digital divide gap, with his 3+ years of python, 1+ year of HTML, and 1.5+ years of Javascript, he has a firm belief that technology is an incredible field, and hopes to use his skills to provide others with tools to make others love programming as much as he does.

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Chloe Park


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Redger Xu

Redger Xu is currently a sophomore at Stratford Prepatory. He has been programming for several years, with experience in a variety of programming languages as well as scoring a 5 on the AP CS A exam. He is also the president of the Hackathon club and has prior experience as an assistant tennis coach. Redger enjoys playing tennis, coding, and solving fun math problems.

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Nysa Lalye


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